Friday, March 22, 2013

Today’s blog comes as the empowering founder of BLMD LLC Daniyel Willis, who gets candid with women who feel “less than” because they aren’t heard in a relationship.

Too many women spend too much time putting themselves down just because they’re … well … not heard by men!

It happened again the other day. I was out at with group of women, some I’d never met, for a luncheon. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the conversation to turn to men – who had one, who didn’t. The women who were married, engaged or “living together” didn't take the superior position over their men! It wasn’t because the married women don't want to be “top dogs” in the situation; it was because the women willingly gave up their power to be listened to.

I hate to go there but simply picture an encounter between two dogs at the dog park. One is standing tall wagging his tail while the other lies down submissively before it. Same dynamic I hear in those married, engaged or "living together." These ladies are in awe of their man but didn't act eager to learn the hidden secret that would make it possible for them to “have that voice” too. Nowadays, there’s everything right with wanting to have a long-term romantic relationship, especially when it’s coming from your true self and not a blind assumption and partnered is good. However, women will be their own worst enemy not recognizing our hormonal differences in this regard. It seems women spend more time stressing, being silent or framing their status in self-deprecating sarcasm when changing their conversational repertoire with their man eliminates stepping on each other's toes.

Well, just as the Music has changed means the Dance has changed, as the World has changed means the Roles have changed.  Allow me to share with the women... Men are about Action and Reward! When You let us Solve Problems, Achieve Goals, etc we are Stress Free! We have an "efficiency" gene... Never do Anything We don't have to! So, Ladies... You could easily get him to do anything you want (especially listening to you) by simply... Motivating Him!

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