Monday, July 8, 2013

The Business Of LOVING...

It's funny...I hear so many women who complain that they shoulder all the responsibility in the relationship and I get so many guys who say they do all the work! Both parties must agree that this business of love and relationships takes effort from everyone involved! I feel like once we accept the idea that love isn't supposed to be seamless and easy then we can all calm down and accept the "burden" of responsibility. Because, ultimately, the pay off of being in a successful, loving, and passionate relationship makes it all worth it.

The responsibility comes from one's self and from there the partnership takes on a natural flow of responsibility where two people are collaborators and not co-dependents seeking validation for the responsibility they project is needed from another. Just take responsibility for your self, do your work and the relationship will do its work. So many people want to be in relationship and yet so few couples really learn or want to relate.  It's up to you.

I love to take long walks with my lady. Sure my legs and lungs complain sometimes but the talking and sites along the way is always worth it. In the words of my mother's favorite empowering standards," "Anything Worth Having Is Worth Working For."

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