Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Secretly Men Looking For In Women...

Ladies, over-stand that your Beauty and Value are NOT defined by how you look or what you own. To Real MEN your beauty and value is defined by your Substance (the real you) and your ability to RECEIVE love.

Please, stop drawing your cues from other women. That's YOU looking and desiring big butts, huge breasts, weave hairstyles, imitating lifestyles of other women and thinking that's what WE want?!  Well, its' NOT. Real MEN appreciate the small things and you do NOT need to wear a full face of makeup and all those "goodies." Period!

Real MEN take pride in his Woman! He will sacrifice EveryThing if it will put a smile on his woman's face. Consider us, our feelings, our situations, and the fact that we want to be respected EXACTLY how you want to be respected and watch our World open up to you. Understand that the way you treat others (and YOURSELF) dictates the way others treat (react to) you.

Bottomline, Real Men need to be Appreciated. Many of women tend to take their partners for granted. Women need to learn to say, "Babe, you're the best at this, or look at you! Look how you mowed my lawn! You're the best lawn mower in the state!" Sounds extreme? Well, he isn't no more interested in what kind of heels you're wearing - if he likes you in heels at all.

Why? Men think, Women feel.  Men speak headlines and Women speak in fine print. Women should learn to read the headlines and NOT press for details.  Like stop being pushy for the details to his answer when you ask a question.  It's okay to ask your man, "What do you think about that?" He might say, "It's fine." But don't get pushy if you're expecting more of an answer, because they're might not be one.

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