Friday, January 10, 2014

Intellect And Mind VS The Heart...

 Most people try to avoid expressing what’s in their heart. Today more men want to acknowledge their feelings in the first place because of the desire to bring women closer and women suppress them as not to be vulnerable. Because one may care more about a person the more complicated the relationship get.

My advice is to just talk about your feelings from day one! If you're not honest about your feelings in the beginning of the relationship it's probably sure not to work anyway!

If you CARE to be in a committed relationship, SPEAK UP! Don't bite your tongue and wake up two or three years from now still in a casual and sexual relationship. Most importantly, get clarity that your partner wants the same!

Men, if you FEEL like you just want to have a sexual relationship with no strings attached, FORGET ABOUT IT! Women can’t continue to create sexual and chemical bonds with you and allow uncertainty. It's not fair and its bad assumption even if the woman thinks it’s possible!

If you CARE enough to settle down, get married and/or have children, LET IT BE KNOWN! Do NOT waste your time with someone who doesn't want what you want?

And lastly, if you FEEL unappreciated, don't allow another day to pass without having a “CARE-frontation.” Without accusing your partner, share your experiences (information) that’s going to Enhance, Heal, Grow, and Advance the relationship.

What you FEEL is important write on paper first! Fear, Resentment, and Avoidance of Confrontation can be eliminated once you are “willing to be wrong about what you thought the person might say, do, respond or what you thought was going on.”  You miss the essentials when YOU want to be right and prove the other person wrong!

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