Friday, January 24, 2014

Break-up and Relationship Expert - Dr. Daniyel

More than 50% of marriages in America end in divorce after a loving relationship of a mere 5 years, Dr. Daniyel Willis, sadly points out that statistic. While others trying to cope with the agony of their break-up, Dr. Daniyel, new study of health practitioners, realized that there is a huge community dealing with the same obstacles. He vowes to turn what seemed like a negative event into a proactive and optimistic life transition.

"Supporting each other is really important. It's so easy to be disrespectful. Recognizing your personal responsibility is one of the most powerful ways of establishing and validating trust. Make note, males do not have much of a challenge with resentment. However ladies, males close to you have to get lots of messages that he is successful to stay motivated!" is an outlet that offers advice from Dr. Daniyel’s personal experiences, and also includes a variety of tips from other sources, providing insights into the vast realm of break-ups and relationships in general.

Some of his recent relationship advice tips include:
·       Are You in a Parasitic Relationship?
·    Your Gut can tell you if a Relationship is Right
·       Ways Women Sabotage Themselves when Dating
·      Breaking The Bad Date Cycle
·     Common Problems Daters Encounter after Break-ups
And more!

We would love to put you in touch with Dr. Daniyel, so that he can provide you with advice and commentary for any relationship story you are currently working on. Kindly let us know of your interest. We truly look forward to your response!
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