Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Biggest Reason Men And Women Have Trouble Communicating

Men and women relationships don't have to be in the midst of a family crisis to risk a big communication breakdown. Even a simple conversation can go awry and women in particular have difficulty realizing that this is often due to an inherent difference in communication style.

Women have a tendency to share more, explain more and describe more than men do. Men find this approach unnecessary when making a point. For him, five to 10 words is all that's required

It is not what you hear, it is where you listen from within yourself that gives doubt to the message. Men and women differing process of thinking styles can lead to a breakdown in communication -- and subsequently frustration. Simply being aware of this difference is an important step in bridging the communication gap, but to truly break through the conversation barriers you must start adopting the same approach.

Women try communicating with men or hearing the way they communicate using 10 words or less. Yes, say it in 10 words or less. And he's going to give you 10 words or less that you have to decipher and figure out on your own. However, the conversation shouldn't end there. Take that extra step to confirm the intended meaning behind those few words, helping ensure that both of you remain on the same page.

Women like you, Men change so check in with him. 'Is this what you mean?' 'Is this what you said?' 'Is this what you want?' Whatever you do, Please don't make it up for him. Simply remember, Check in, using 10 words or less.

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