Monday, March 7, 2016

Learn To Care More

When you truly care for someone, many concerns and the desecrated word "love" disappear. The word "love" can mean "lust." You should want your partner to know who you are inside, to accept the "real" you for all that you are and not just for who you want others to believe you to be. Really caring can make you become honest and direct. It gives you the courage to take chances.

What makes truly caring so great is that it gives you the choice to just be yourself. But although there is fear or concern that someone whom you really care for may change their mind and leave if you try to show the real you, you just shouldn’t bear not having your partner knowing the real you.
You want him or her to be happy and one way of doing that is by being who you really are. And if you guilty judging your partner, remember like you, there's always a reason why they are the way they are. Embrace our differences. Really, it's okay to be as different as our various facial features. As you may want the real them over-stand the right person will always want the real you.

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