Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Truths About Men and Women...

Are men really as obsessed with sex as women been led to believe? Do women like to make the first move under the sheets? Societal labeling says one thing, but what’s the real truth when it comes to men and women? 

With more than 23 years in private practice as a relationship coach helping clients overcome all kinds of personal obstacles and challenges, my clients have confided all sorts of deep dark secrets about their wants and desires. The biggest lesson I've learned: don’t buy into how men and women have been pigeon-holed into certain roles. In fact, much of what you've been led to believe about the opposite sex is the polar opposite of reality.

Some examples of what I will be elaborating on in the near future:

- Many men have said they don’t like to have sex every day, or as often as men have been portrayed as wanting to have sex.
- Men aren’t the cold-tough guys they appear to be. There is an emotional disconnect from their relationship when their spouse doesn’t compliment or praise them enough, thus less intimacy from the man.
- Many men have admitted they are not intimidated their spouse earns more money than they do. Men are not interested in their spouse's physical accomplishments.
- Men have secretly admitted that they like when their spouse decorates the house and even makes it more feminine, especially nowadays.  Men yearn for Miss Independant to come back to the feminine side - romance, communication, and providing extra support of him.

- Many women say they find it hot when their guy is not so stubborn and ask for help, ask for directions, and determination to accomplish something.  Though they may react frustrated, know it’s really a turn on because it shows confidence.
- Many women say they secretly like it when their men do the laundry or clean the house, even if they do a lousy job and mess everything up. It shows initiative.
- Many women have said that they find it sexy when they can make the first move and initiate sex, but are frustrated when they always want to be the dominating force.
- On the topic of weight: Many women said they want their men to be honest about how an outfit makes them look, even if he thinks it’s not flattering or makes her look big. They believe honesty says a lot about the man they are with.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sex Without Love...

Anybody remember George Michael’s 1987 hit song? The one that proclaimed: Sex is natural; sex is good; sex is best when it's one-on-one? Hmmm, but what happens when that one-on-one time gets stale, redundant and is nothing but going through the motions? Or worse, what if there is no intimacy at all in a relationship?

Sexless relationships aren’t just a made up story, but something that is more common than most couples will admit. However, the good news is as long as there are no medical issues to blame, there are plenty of natural techniques couples can try to heat things up again.

My  tips:

1. Write a letter to your partner: In the age of email and social media, we’ve lost the ability to connect on an emotional level. Get some really nice stationary and a pen, and in your best handwriting, in ink of your partner’s favorite color, tell him how much he means to you, how you can’t imagine your life without him and the qualities you find sexy about him.

2.Don’t just focus on sex: In most cases, there is a loss of an emotional connection between the couple. Before sex can take priority again, this connection must be remade. Engage in other activities that allow you precious time with your partner and strengthen emotional bonds. The tighter the emotional bonds the better sex will be. I hear couples say their best sex was in the beginning of their relationship, but that’s because there was likely a better emotional connection early on that has faded a bit with time and daily pressures of finances, kids and finding time for everything.

3. Reduce stress through touch: Have your partner lie down on his or her stomach with no clothes on. Start from the head and work your way down to his feet. Using a combination of gentle and firm movements, slowly cover every part of the body. At the same time, ask your partner to close his eyes, and whisper both positive and sexy thoughts into his ear. When the body is relaxed, brain wave levels are lowered and the mind is able to connect more effectively with the person in front of him. A relaxed body allows for better blood flow to the extremities which can lead to a stronger erection for men and increased sensations for women.

4. Spice it up: If your love making activities take all of five minutes and are limited to the bedroom, spice it up. See love making as an experience to share with your partner, not something to rush through. Find other places in the house to have sex, do it in the car or backyard, role play, experiment with sex toys and new positions. Basically, just make it fun and exciting. 

5. Be honest: Often times a couple will engage less frequently in sex because one of the partners doesn’t like something, but is afraid to speak up. Engaging in a sexual relationship should come with open lines of communication. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you like and don’t like.

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